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You need to have proof of car insurance if you drive a vehicle in Wausau, WI. Residents of Wausau, WI have many choices when it comes to getting car insurance, but no one compares to Radant Insurance Insurance Agency, Inc. when it comes to the right balance of competitive rates, great service, and ultimate convenience in an auto insurance policy.
Whether you're new to Wausau, WI area or wanting to switch providers, the Radant Insurance Insurance Agency, Inc. makes it easy to get personalized WI auto insurance coverage to protect you. To explore all of the car insurance options available to you, start a fast and free car insurance quote online or give us a call at (715) 845-9204.

Save money with our multi-policy discounts. With our personalized service, your safe driving habits, our great car insurance rates, and the multiple carriers we represent, we are the agency to call! (715) 845-9204.

Car Insurance Features You Can Depend On

We believe that car insurance is only as good as the features that are included with it. That's why we pride ourselves on providing policyholders in Wausau, WI and across the country with great features that are available 24/7/365. Learn more about our car insurance features below:

  • Car insurance discounts
  • Quick & Easy Claims reporting
  • Local Agent with local connections
  • We represent multiple carriers so you always have the best rates


Wausau, WI Insurance Agents

Radant Insurance Insurance Agency, Inc. is proud to have a team of local insurance agents standing by to assist you with questions about coverages, claims, or anything else related to your car insurance policy. Call or drop by our office in Wausau to enjoy friendly local service from an agency you can trust.